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The circumstances of changing coexistence conditions and transformations in the institution of marriage are quite topical in modern society. 

Nazrin Mammadova. Untitled. 2012. Digital print. 30 × 15 cm. Courtesy: YARAT! Contemporary Art Space

The circumstances of changing coexistence conditions and transformations in the institution of marriage are quite topical in modern society. After several decades of sociocultural studies regarding aspects of gender, it can be said that the overall picture has become much more complicated. Higher degrees of complexity can be explained by the fact that the modern word is shifting from postmodern to so-called "X time". It can be described as an alliance of different times. It can unify the time of traditional societies with the time of the contemporary secular societies of Europe and the USA.

But the majority of countries are situated in the mixed timing zone. This leads to the radicalization of the gender problematic, and at the same time provides interesting material for art making. Let's take for example young artists—one male Afghan artist living in Azerbaijan, and three female Azerbaijanian artists. Being an Afghan artist, Reza was born in a Muslim country. Reza's art is strictly patriarchal: he only uses such traditional graphic materials as paper and graphite. In his soul is a battle between East/South and West/North since, unlike his female colleagues, he emigrated from an Islamic country to secular Azerbaijan. Whether he likes it or not, he has to adapt to the local mental atmosphere. At the same time the female artists are initially rooted in the secular space. Their works demonstrate ideological self-sufficiency and spacious minds. Their choice of means of implementation for their projects is much more sophisticated—they include sculptural installations, video etc.

The mere collision of those two different ideological and gender positions inside one group of artists offers prospects for curious results. Whose vision will prove to be more distinctive and timely for viewers? Will it be the strictly male and traditional point of view that modifies modern reality in its own hard core way, or the female one, which undermines patriarchic phallocentrism?

Teymur Daimi

Organized by
YARAT! Contemporary Art Space

Reza Hazare
Nazrin Mammadova
Djemma Sattar
Fidan Seyidova
Faig Ahmed
Aida Makhmudova
Farid Rasulov
M'Ars Contemporary Art Center
July 2, 2014

On June 24 and 25, 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art began. 3069 applications by artists under 35 from 84 countries of the world were submitted for the competition, which lasted from November 2013 through March 2014. David Elliott, Artistic Director of the Biennale, proposed the motto A Time for Dreams as the general theme, and curated the main Biennale project, which presented works by 83 artists from 32 countries of the world.

June 17, 2014

The educational program of the Biennale, curated by Antonio Geusa and coordinated by Ekaterina Razdumina, is entitled Wise Advice, and aims at helping young artists to find answers to various questions that concern their creative growth and career development.