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Nikolay Alekseev

Nikolay Alekseev
Born in 1986 in Voronezh, Russia
Lives in Voronezh

Displaced Fractures. 2011–2012. Books, concrete. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist

The Discovered Landscapes installation consists of a three-part painting and eight sculptures. The canvases show a version of a classical landscape in which the horizon is a test strip for a wide-format solvent printer. The sculptures were cast in plaster from foam packaging for television sets, washing machines, electric razors and car speakers.

Nikolay Alekseev

July 2, 2014

On June 24 and 25, 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art began. 3069 applications by artists under 35 from 84 countries of the world were submitted for the competition, which lasted from November 2013 through March 2014. David Elliott, Artistic Director of the Biennale, proposed the motto A Time for Dreams as the general theme, and curated the main Biennale project, which presented works by 83 artists from 32 countries of the world.

June 17, 2014

The educational program of the Biennale, curated by Antonio Geusa and coordinated by Ekaterina Razdumina, is entitled Wise Advice, and aims at helping young artists to find answers to various questions that concern their creative growth and career development.